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Greenville Lawyers Understand That You Are Not Alone in Bankruptcy

You Are Not Alone in Bankruptcy
Many people who file for bankruptcy mistakenly assume that nobody they know or respect has ever done so. Indeed, there is a stigma and sense of secrecy surrounding it, but bankruptcy statistics prove that you are hardly alone when you file. Over a period of 14 months, 7,632 people in South Carolina alone were recorded filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Even more people file throughout the rest of the United States, and this is especially true as the economy fluctuates. The McMaster Law Firm, LLC may be able to offer the representation you will need for your case. You don’t need to handle the courts of Greenville on your own when you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side. We provide the following services to clients:
  • Advice regarding tax consequences
  • Assist with completing forms
  • Guidance when choosing which chapter
  • Counsel regarding the effects on assets, if any
  • Management of debts and their discharge, if possible

Also Serving Abbeville & the Pettigru Street Area

If you are seeking legal representation for your bankruptcy case in Greenville, you need an advocate who will fight for your rights and your interests. Such circumstances are already stressful, but without a good attorney, they are often impossible to handle. That’s why The McMaster Law Firm, LLC provides clients throughout the Pettigru Street Area with the legal counsel needed. We are committed to serving the communities of Anderson, Cherokee, Greenwood, Spartanburg, Laurens, Abbeville, the Pettigru Street area, Oconee, Union County, McCormick and Pickens. We will dispel the bankruptcy myths you may be fearing and replace them with the security found in facts and support. If you are interested in learning more and scheduling a consultation with one of our lawyers, you may do so by calling us at 864-232-1550.

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